Festival Summary – Glastonbury 2009

Okay – I know! A week nearly to sum up my festival, well so much happened and I knew this was going to need to be a fairly lengthy post.

For anyone who was wondering, no I still have no idea what happened in those lost hours – there is one theory that I should not really have smoked from Shaun’s pipe, especially KNOWING what he had been doing in it before, but that’s just speculation, and the other possibilities are far too frightful for me to imagine – so I won’t, but apologies to anyone who was affected or worried by my disappearance and for my apparent devil-may-care attitude when I returned to camp – some people will be pleased to hear that Ayla and I have chatted and resolved any misunderstandings.

Okay, so for what I do remember – Hobo Jones behind the Pyramid stage, ooh, will there be video of that? -, The acapella group, can’t remember where we saw them singing… all the wonderful people who complimented me on my outfit on the Thursday, which I have been told I did look fantastic in, although I am yet to see evidence of this… (I have never been so happy to be upstaged so well, either!)

All the new terminology I managed to acquire like r**e tape, Perty Dervert, c**t heron, chair wasted, Glasto Mud Vodka, Geordie lass, the two never-ending cups that only seemed to end when people decided we should try and walk, not sure that was such a good idea (walking)… Lady Ga Ga, absolutely Phenomenal – thanks to the girl who gave me the blue stripe in that crowd, I had it til I got home, but all the same you were quite aggressive and mouthy and wound a few people up.

Jarvis Cocker was legendary although I was distracted at the time – fairly certain we saw Laroux on the way to go and see Bruce and apparently there will be camera pics of Laroux, but I will check those later – Bruce himself a legendary performance.

Maximo Park, Tinchy, and I think I saw a little Kasabian, too.

To finish off some of my highlights loved Madness and blur, I made front row, got a hat given to me in the crowd during madness, got pulled out of the crowd by stage security before the end of the last song of Blur (I was dying for a pee and wasn’t sure how ’see through the front railing was – if I had known how opaque it was on the cameras, would have gone there and then, he-hee)

Met some wonderful people on the way back as well, Will who wrote his name on my Forehead, met him near the chair fire on the way back from blur, gave him the welsh dragon fleece hat I had thrown to me on the way… and his friends Jack and Fred.

Stone circle, three visits during the week, at least two impromptu performances outside camp surprise,some people don’t know how talented they are.

Thanks to everyone who made sure I was safe and had a good time – especially Jim who drove us all home – I can only imagine that was somewhat of a challenge, given how I was feeling!

You might have thought I would have posted a video with this one, but I am going to give you a link to a website instead – some of you will know what this is all about, others won’t, but feel free to ask if you want, I aint shy.

(LINK REMOVED – Have moved on from its significance years ago)


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