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I suppose the fact I am writing this says perhaps it is safe and comfortable for me to do so, finally?

Returning to chrissmith.org.uk is long overdue.

I’m reclaiming the website after a reasonably long abstinence from putting my shit online – and in fact, everything on here is here because I felt like writing it at the time I published it and for no other reason.

I’m deliberately avoiding writing any sort of ‘about me’ or bio/profile – the kind of spuff that goes onto dating sites, social profiles or networks.

I’ve severely hated the version(s) of this site, where the platform I use has influenced me towards boxing everything into categories and presenting something other than what I actually want from it.

No exhilerating call to action or inspiring motivational bait to be found here – Keep reading if you will. I am just going to take a ‘Go For It’ approach, to writing whatever pleases me at the time.

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