Electrics Keep Failing on my Car in the Rain – Fuses Blowing

If it’s raining and the electrics have gone in your car, you found it was a fuse, you replaced the fuse – they’ve blown again.

The issue is actually quite a simple one and i can get you home, warm and dry.

You are probably in a hatchback type car and your car is probably a little bit old.

More specifically, you have a rear wiper on your hatchback.

To resolve the issue, on your next walk to the nearest garage, don’t just buy a pack of fuses – buy some electrical tape.

Go back to your car, open the boot (Hatch – for our overseas visitors)

In there somewhere will be a rubber connection (usually black) connecting the main car to the boot / hatch.

You will find that this is a little worn and may even have a slit or a hole somewhere.

Open this up a little, wrap the tape individually around each wire, then wrap the tape around the sleeve.

Now replace your fuse and continue on your journey.

I learned this the hard way myself in my old G-reg Ford Escort – It was my first car.

It was actually my Dad that I called and who knew what the issue was straight away, when I was about 20.

The reason I have written this solution now is that I was anecdotally talking about it at work the other day (God knows how the conversation went to that) and I said that I hadn’t been able to use that bit of advice for anyone, but it was the perfect sort of thing that I would put onto my blog, that someone might look for, if they are caught in the rain and the fuses keep blowing on their old hatchback.

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