How do I add a Custom Menu to a Category Page in WordPress?

Adding a custom menu to a category page so you can write about you main categories and introduce specific sub categories seems like a logical way to do things.

All I wanted was to put a list of types of music posts into my music category.

Essentially, I wanted a custom menu in my category page to show a list of child categories.

I searched for how to do it and noone posted an easy way – There was the typical spew of novice users asking a simple question and wordpress developers responding by asking for their theme and copies of their code, as is usual.

There is a really, really easy way to do it – it barely requires experience in html, css, java or any other complex code – anyone can do it fairly easily.

You will need to create a menu of your chosen categories or child categories to do this:

How do I add a Custom Menu (or a child category list) to a Category Page in WordPress?

1. Create a custom menu in your widget area.
2. Go to your website’s home page and right click- then select ‘view source’.
3. Press ‘Ctrl’+’F’ and it will open a search, type in the title of your menu.
4. You will find your custom menu looks something like this:

5. Copy the code – and paste it into your category page and save.

6.┬áMove the custom menu widget to the inactive widgets area – (This means you can use these steps again when you update your custom menu)

If you delete the custom menu you use for this, wordpress replaces the menu in your category page with the links as a list of links – It looks the same (ish), but this will save you having to remember your menu items in future.

The only snag to this ‘work around’ – I imagine you will need to redo it every time you add a new child category to your menu.

It was probably quicker for you to do it this way, than it was for me to write the post.

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