Cry Little Sister – The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys – Cry Little Sister – Remix and Original

What is not to love here – The Soundtrack of an epic film from the 80’s, a film my mother certainly did not appreciate me watching when I must have been around 8 or 9 (Maybe 7).

The film itself was meant to be pretty scary and I suppose only the most rebellious kids (or those that were perhaps slipping under the radar of really good guardianship) were being allowed to watch it.

The remix video here seems to bring in something a little bit gothic and a little but camp, I suppose – A real compliment to the original film because when you look back at that decade, what wasn’t?

Something kind of edgy about the lead vocalist being a bit older than the rest of the cast and looking a little bit, although not completely out of place.

Pretty much spot on for anything themed on the immortality of a vampire.

Here’s the orginal, too – Both certainly have their own unique appeal to me: (Vocals for both version from G Tom Mac)

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