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Having alluded to watching two kinds of videos on Youtube, I thought I might write a post about the other kind I find fascinating. Conspiracy Theories.

Further down in the post I have featured a video you will probably already be familiar with – but I include it as you may want to watch it again, or skip to a reference, it saves you opening a new tab.

Before I go into what I want to share about Cristaldi Research Group specifically.There’s kind of a few thoughts and observations about the video itself I wanted to write about. (or just skip to the Cristaldi Research Group part.

One of the elements of this video that a lot of people seem to comment on, is the presentation of his coughing and other elements of his speech that are characteristic of an ailing older man. Slurping and lip smacking.

[Hear me out and read through] It almost seems unforgivable for someone of seeming stature and well presented not to cover his mouth as he coughs, and rather to turn away. …to a point where it is aggravating and discomforting to the viewer.

There is something else though – we notice that during the course of this video, which is nearly two hours long, he picks up and drinks from his coffee mug.

Seemingly, this is the same drink he is drinking from – Do we assume this was topped up and refreshed off the screen?

There is some obvious clipping of the video,too. Perhaps breaks were taken in recording.

The reason I highlight this though is that I couldn’t shake the feeling it was significant.

What I really wanted to do, was to scan through the video for those moments he sipped from his mug, write down what he was saying immediately before and after and see if I could pick up anything like a secret message in the words he used at these points.

Hey, if you’re gonna be a conspiracy nut, you look for the hidden and secret codes and shit right? I am not a nut, I love this stuff, but not immersively and I like to think objectively, too.

I didn’t get round to doing that yet. When I hovered the timeline to select from the scene selections, the scene selects were not there at all – That annoyed me.

To pick these up then, I will need to watch all the way through again – when I have the time, or if someone else has the time or inclination, the video’s right here:

Cristaldi Research Group

Cristaldi Research Group

Whenever I watch something like this I like to pull up a search in a new tab on my browser and look up the references to see what information holds up.

Its worth noting that as many references were made to the wingmakers as were made to Cristaldi, maybe more and I think there is a reason for this.

Some people I am sure intend to look up the references after they watch the video, but then there are so many references and sources and names that it’s possible to be apathetic and take the information on face value.

I am glad I did though – I write posts because I searched for something and didn’t find what I was looking for where and how I was expecting to find it.

Long story short – Looking for Cristaldi Research Group (and wingmakers) had little of the information I was expecting to find available. What I did found did not have the information manifest, I was hoping for.

A google search for this term today (17.3.2017) shows 34,200 pages referencing that term – If you drop ‘Group’ from that search you get 1.75 million responses to the question you typed in to find information out.

That’s a lot of people writing about it – When I drilled down though and dug a little deeper, the majority was all about Al’s testimony.

There was a small handful of actual academics delivering detailed studies, articles essays and reports that were definitely along the lines of the different kinds of sciences and fields of interest that were pertinent to what the organisation’s interests were.

About half the info on the first page were detailed findings, mostly in Italian, that were very informative and no doubt value into the bigger issues facing humanity, ecology, economy and I even had to look up a definition of some sort of ology, relating to state of mind in relation to physical body.

This was a particular specialism of one Martina Cristaldi from Catania in Italy.

Given that there were just a small group of people I could find with any reference to Cristaldi Research, that small group or cluster of individuals from 5 or 6 global locations (Italy, California US, Miami US, Bulgaria mainly) the articles were exceptional – Just search for “martina cristaldi research” and you will get a feel for the kind of important research affecting humanity that seems to crossover nicely.

There is an issue though – Given that was first registered in 2008, 3-4 years before the remake of ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ was released, so possibly around the time of the making of the film – I am more than a litle suspicious.

There are actually another 22 very similar sites set up around the subject matter, registered by a guy in California.

There are lots of tenuous connections that might see some people benefiting from this story being so widely shared and well constructed.

I have no interest in debunking Al Bielek and looking into ‘Cristaldi Research Group’ is something that has given me some interesting brain fodder.

If this video is a hoax and Al did in fact dedicate a huge amount of time from his life spinning a very intricate, seemingly corroborated timeline of events, then it is somewhat elaborate to say the least.

There are lots of elements of his testimony that are very relatable and perhaps people would certainly like to believe.

Anyone who has dedicated a large proportion of their lives to tell any story should have that respected and acknowledged.

Is his account true or are we seeing essentially the outcome of some very good storytelling?

If believing in something enough, is enough to make it fact and real and true – Then this guy went 150 years into the future and then another 600 years after that.

What a life, what an account and what a mark you have made Al.

I was going to go into current conspiracies regarding the nature of time travel, the mandela effect and look at other famous time travellers like John Titor, but I think all of that is going to have to be another post for another day.

Thank you for reading this article – If you want to share, reference or link to it in your own website, here is a link to copy and paste:

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  1. John ORyan says:

    Chris you can view the video in youtube without having to watch it all the way through. It will all you to scroll the timeline. Here is the link
    John ORyan

  2. Hey man I’ve watched a couple videos and thought the same but my dad was like hes an old actor my dad is 73 and his stats look legit I’ve been looking not quantum field theories and mechanics I’ve looked at a lot of b.s. on YouTube over the years I agree if its fake it a interesting one?? I like ur logic

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