Common Sense is Key

So it’s the seasonal break and I have spent a few days away, spending time with Amy in her home town of Wellingborough.

Of course it was a nice weekend away staying in a Devere hotel, no less. We’d managed to get a booking on an aggregator site for just ?19 a night.

And that meant all the other guests had done so, too. – It wasn’t the same social demographic you expect from that sort of hotel.

So when we got back in the evening, there were families everywhere. Well I say everywhere, but the parents were in the bar and where were the kids? Casually helping themselves to Coffee in a free vending machine at reception, just outside of the bar.

So you have the whole family spending precious time away from home in a ‘better than your average’ hotel, parents drinking more than is really responsible and young kids on the biggest caffeine high of their lives.

Ah, but it was tolerable and I could see the funny side of it.

So we travel the 200 miles back to where I live in a shared house, unpack the bags from the car and arrive at the front door, fish around in my pocket for my keys and pull out a novelty compass keyring, obtained from a Christmas Cracker during a pub grub session. Oh!

This is what I mistakenly thought were my keys for the last day or so. More fishing around in my pockets, a disturbance of a housemate and a tireless search through our bags yeilds nothing.

I ring my landlady and get her to bring the spare set, so I can get into my room, with the intention of getting a new set cut.

I venture out to get a new key set, but the local shop that provides this service is closed, it is a bank holiday after all.

So I wait until I return to work and I don’t have time during my lunch hour to get them done, there is nowhere local enough to my work, so I intend to go after work.

Nope, after business hours, the independent trader is closed, shut, not open for business.

Well I google round trying to find somewhere that will cut keys, there is nowhere but the Metro Centre, with a national key cutting chain which is open either after work, or on a Saturday.

I miss the first Saturday, go away the next, to see Amy again and the following Saturday 3 weeks has passed.

It is then that I decide I am going to have to make a special trip, to the Metrocentre, just to have a key cut. No other reason for going.

But it seems entirely logical to me, that people rarely DURING business hours are likely to realise they need a key cut, more likely when they get home.

So why wouldn’t these little independent shops be open for that last 45 minutes to an hour for this reason?

Furthermore, having asked them if they are open after 5, the apathetic response I got, would encourage me not to want to deal with them again at all!
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