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This is the homepage of thirty-nothing Chris Smith – Originally from Worcester in the Midlands. This is a personal blog which I have been writing for about the last 6 years, when the domain was first registered.

The site has existed in a number of guises over that time, I am always flipping it up and changing it around and one of these days, I will finally be happy with it – Well, one can hope!

I don’t have any particular area of interest or agenda for this site, it is just my blog about the things that I get up to or things that get my attention. Having had the site for so long I have observed quite a lot of different ways that people interact with

I like to think a lot of what I do to pass my time is of interest to others and for fleeting moments it probably is. Obviously I have the benefit of a reasonably popular name, although the reasons for someone looking for ‘Chris Smith’ online is quite ambiguous. I dare say it’s highly likely there are as many reasons for looking up the name as there are people looking it up. As such, to try and go in one direction or another for my personal website is a bit of a wasted endeavour on my part.

I have put together a few websites for family and friends and things, sorry I’m not going to link to them on here. There are enough bores online pushing services and products, and while I am heavily in support of helping them with these businesses I think it shows better integrity to keep these interests as separate concerns.
About me

I am one of those people that never gained a qualification at university or college and I could rattle off some highly personal insights and excuses or even conditions as to why this was. I’m not going to, what’s the point of talking about a path my life didn’t go down?

There are too many cliches about ‘students from the university of life’ and people being ‘a jack of all trades’, and in my younger days, I might have fallen back on such idiosyncrasies, but as I get a little older, I have met more than my fair share of pretentious people who use such cliches to define them.

I have picked up many skills and made my mark sufficiently in the working world and I have done just about every job there is going. Seriously ‘Bingo Caller’, albeit very breifly is something I can chalk up on my vocational experience chart!

I can assure you, I am looking down from afar on those days now and have a very respectable job, with an extremely discerning company.

I like to think I have made the most of my work experience and I love what I do now, and who I work for.

I am particularly interested in opensource graphic software such as GIMP (Graphical Image Manipulation Program) and Blender, an opensource 3d Modelling and gaming ‘sandbox’

I am driven to distraction by different mediums for marketing, advertising and media and probably spend too much time on social networking sites. Who doesn’t, now though? I probably took it slightly too far recently when I registered for about 30 different major Social Networking sites, with a view to securing a single username on all of them. Everything from the archaic and dwindling Myspace, to the very recent, Pinterest.

My modelling skills in Blender are all self-taught from online tutorials, and I probably need more practice to make me any sort of expert of efficient modeller

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