Chris’ Birthday Piss up

This is an album that was put up by one of my Facebook Friends – For my 27th Birthday, just as people were starting to use Facebook, one of my friends decided to arrange a pub crawl and invited all of my Facebook friends about 120 or so at the time. Okay so 9 people showed up, which was a pretty good turn out considering. And they were all from different acquaintances. The night was epic. Here are the photos from that Facebook album.

This is someone called James – Was an acquaintance (actually Shaun’s friend) [ABOVE]

This is me looking quite serious, there is no picture distortion in any of the photos – they were all taken in the same bar, by the same person. And we all got into such a state that was actually that blurry. Noone else took photos of the night and they did only for this part of the night. It was one of at least 7 bars that night.

Jim playing Pool [Above]

I have absolutely no idea what is going on here, the girl in the pictures above had an extremely flirtatious aura about her that I clearly found it difficult to ignore.

…very difficult.

…another quite serious looking one. Which is funny because it was a very messy night. Serving suggestion, a stack of Thrice Cooked Chips, dipped in Balsamic Vinegar and then into a Leffre Beer.

I do not know how they ended up getting dipped in such a dirty manner – Everyone felt very comfortable all having a dip too and it is an extraordinary taste.

There’s always one that won;t have a photo taken unless they are posing…

…or walking around a pool table after posing.


It is literally anyone’s guess what I am pointing to here and what exactly is going on.


Another Blurry Jim


Is this another pose?

Blurry Jim playing pool, must have been ‘winner stays on’.




Flirty girl I liked, yes I can remember her name – Might have to look her up..?

Erm, I wonder what I am looking at – I am going to go with Flirty Girl…

How do these pictures get less blurry? The night is moving on, check the time stamps.

Two of the other lads out on the same night – Flirty girl making the same impression on them I am sure – Guy to the right, took home one of the other girls who was on the piss up – and I think I didn’t see him again after that, but not for that reason.

Am I playing pool, am I staring aimlessly out of the window? It’s probably my shot..

Which might explain why Jim is pointing to me staring aimlessly out of the window.

Awww, this looks quite cosy – It’s kind of a cool photo, I like it.

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