Building Blocs

This time last year – as I returned to normality from my Glasto adventure, things changed in my life, seemed to go a bit stale and bitter and although I moved home, definitely a positive thing to do given my circumstances, not a lot seemed to be going right and I could foresee some difficult times ahead.

How very different now, though. Things are definitely taking a turn for the best. I seem to have found a certain ‘Raison d’etre’.. the future is starting to look more structured and I seem to have a better hold on my own destiny, and although there is room ffor a couple of improvements in my life, I can definitely see opportunities to better myself and improve my overall quality of life.

I am not saying that all of this is down to me solely, in fact there are lots of people around me I have to thank, some of them for being there and even a few people who were perhaps holding me back a bit, which I have had to distance myself from. (No, this isn’t aimed at any of those people particularly and isn’t meant as an attempt to tear strips off them either – In fact those people that did have a place in my life, I would like to think I had purposeful and positive relationships with – and I am eternally grateful for!)

But back to where I was going, now I can see my silver linings better – the things that seem to have faded from my existence that I thought I had lost, the attributes and standards that I have worked so hard to maintain, are starting to ripen and mature into the more aspirational elements of my existence and more of my ambitions are actually nearly within my reach.

It’s very easy in life to become bogged down with crap, feel like you are losing your edge and console yourself by settling for your lot – It’s a truly great thing if you can count your blessings, set out to achieve the unacheivable and make it yours – Yea, life is difficult, but everything worth having has to be worth fighting and struggling for, It makes you appreciate it when you have it more, doesn’t it? …Stops you taking things for granted, after all, easy come, easy go!

There have been some really inspirational people around me, for most of my life and maybe some of those people I have not shown my appreciation for their estimations of me, Family members in particular -You’ve been amazing and I hope you realise just how much I appreciate everything you are and everything you do.

I know I am going to have to work hard over the coming months to make sure that I set firm my potential – but I just wanted to send out a very positive message – there are people right now, facing very real hardship and difficulty and in many cases not knowing where to turn or which way to go and trying so desperately to survive it, some failing to deal with it well, others approaching it head on – Just a quick sort of spur on, really, be yourself, do what you do and although you might not realise your potential, or maybe you are losing focus – stick with it, you may not necessarily always appreciate the things which are positive in your life, nor the people that are most supportive and there for you. You might not be ‘returning the favour’ immediately or any time soon either – Just know that whether you can perceive these things or not – There are ways and means of these things working out.

I wanted to share with you a video for a song which is released on August 1st 2009, I have heard on Radio 1, I really liked the tune anyway, but the video is rather extraordinary and really must be seen!

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