Posted by on September 2, 2009

Had a brilliant little chortle to myself earlier and knew I was going to end up posting this.

I referred to the ‘Phone Book’ as the ‘Bone Phook’ and was most amused.

I have later referred this little spoonerism to my house mate (…Mouse Hate?) and whilst chatting I worked out a sponerism of his name is ‘Dark Mavis’ I am fairly sure he won’t mind me posting that.

I always liked spoonerisms, and one of my favourites is that ‘Knork & Fife’ – Only because the idea of Knork and Fife being a spoonerism, just seems oddly fitting.

There is an excellent page on the web with some mildy entertaining ones, also, and because I couldn’t be bothered to sift through them and only plagerise the very best of them, I’ve included this link – Noonerspisms

My video choice was made quite easily tonight as well – The song by Beth Ditto/ The Gossip – Heavy Cross, I already liked before I went to Glasto this year, but really held some very potent meaning for how I was feeling When I came back.

I heard this song by ‘The Gossip’ on the radio earlier today – and thought it was equally apt, I also said this to ‘Dark’ earlier and he asked if they were ‘writing my life in music for me’ – which I thought was a canny sentiment.

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