Blazing Crossings

I am in a particularly good mood today – there are two people that have made a concerted effort to reconsider their allegiances towards me.

It is equally as difficult to ask someone for their help when you have wronged them, as it is to grant the request when you feel you have been wronged by them.

Sometimes bridges are burned, and just because they are burned it does not mean that the bridge is wholly destroyed forever, it might have been blown to bits in a massive explosion, or merely attacked by several small smouldering fires affecting their strength and integrity…

Either way, sometimes they need some reinforcement, sometimes they need a complete rebuild and restoration, and sometimes they just need to be cleared away and completely replaced… sometimes with something far bigger, newer and better.

I am glad that these two people have come to me completely separately and forgiven me my flaws, asked me to accept and forgive theirs, but ultimately known that they can still rely on me to be the same Chris I always was.

All I’ve ever needed out of life, myself, is to be needed – and to be told that I am by two people, who I thought had written me off, has made me feel very happy.

And as long as people need me, I will always need them – and I appreciate the effort made by these people today.

I didn’t have to dig very much for my Music video today – rocking beat, kick-ass tune, amazing lyrics – should be an all time classic!!

This is one where you should REALLY BANG THE VOLUME WELL AND TRULY UP!!!

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