Blatant Illustration of Just How Diverse my Goddam Music Tastes Can be ! ;-)

In a terrible incident, which I am somewhat remorseless of, I have encountered the following Youtube music video, as a result of trawling the Facebook profile of an acquaintance – I say Acquaintance, because although she joined a group I started, which was a spin-off of another group, I have not gone so far as to send her a Friend request yet – She send a lot of ‘likes’ and comments my way, and the music is perhaps a somewhat acquired taste, but not awful:

I am not sure if I have posted this video elsewhere – It is one that for some reason my son possibly weeks, or even could have been days old, seemed to like when I was settling him for bed and watching ‘American Dad’ – I like to think he has a broad range in tastes too. Although I can qualify he is discerning, despite a Video of ‘The Wanted’ being in black and white, he hated it:

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