Bizarre and dire ideas and desires.

No, there is no actual reason for choosing the name of this post – I’ m close to giving up on all that…

I meant to post a lot more than this, but things changed at the last minute and stuff and my best laid plans, transpired to become merely misguided efforts.

I hear the way to Hell is paved with good intentions, but then by those standards, does not having any good intentions take you in another direction?

Strange really – but having not looked at my site for a little too long, have found that the single post that seems to be heading highest on the google results is the one relating to my toaster fire, between that and my Tumble Dryer Repair – (I’ve still not got the part for that) – it would appear that appliances seem to generate the most interest – I’m gonna have to do something really special with a hair dryer on YouTube before I get the volume of hits I desire..!!

– (Suggestions, Please? – The least smutty is really the most likely – ‘cos even if I get drunk enough to actually put something really base online – I will still be sober enough to remove it at some point: Mind you, the internet is very big and very quick and I am sure there are many, many things people really wish they hadn’t posted!)

Oh, and I replaced the toaster with a very nice 4 slicer, and it only cost me £14.73 from Tesco’s!! The housemates seem to be pleased with it too.

I have bought a computer off E-bay this week, so that’s one reason why I haven’t posted, and the other reason will probably be pissed off if she doesn’t get a mention. – Aww, Shit to it, she can’t get mentioned EVERY time I post!!

I’m giving some of my more random thoughts my consideration tonight – like, surely these glasses are designed to get you well and truly lagered up – they are like tapered at the bottom so each glass seems to get finished wheyy too quickly and I seem to have only just discovered Grolsh Premium Lager, which seems to be going down a little too easily – No that’s NOT just how I like ‘em – (Well, maybe…, sometimes….,)

And, this month is a special month, I appear to have OVERPAID on my rent for long enough to have a rent free month! – Oh those tapered glasses really are going to get filled and emptied very quickly.
Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Toaster?

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