I am working Saturday this weekend, but not either of the bank holidays, so I haven’t got much in the way of plans – That’s a bit sad really, isn’t it?

Oh well, Life can’t ALL be one big party, can it? – If it was maybe I wouldn’t be single still? It’s been a while, though with my track record it’s probably saved me more stress than worry!

And right during a credit-crunch/ recession is hardly the right time to find someone who is sophisticated, attractive, assertive, independent AND funny, is it?

I’ll probably end up having a little bit of ‘fun’ – unless of course I get set up again with someone by a friend again.

That’s twice now!! When will I learn that you can just have a ‘fling’ with these girls that are NOT relationship material – without going into anything so permanent? (Chris Added after blog posted – Actually 3!! , Kim was introduced by a friend too!)

I’m gonna have to brush up on my ‘killer dance moves’ – maybe like the kid in today’s video (Yes – I looked it up on YouTube following the reccomendation from Radio 1, but I can’t be the only one to have done so)

I will say, he looks all sweet and funny now, but the poor kid is gonna grow up one day – and all of his girls – Scratch that, he’s ginger! – BOTH his girlfriends will have quick and easy access to these videos! Ha Ha!!

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