Bad for Good

‘The sea is whipping the sky, the sky is whipping the sea – and you can hide away forever from the storm, but you’ll never hide away from me – The icy cold that cuts us like a knife in the dark and we may lose everything in the wind, but the northern lights are burning and they’re giving of sparks – I’m gonna wrap myself around you like a winter skin… You can live all your life like a girl in a cage and whisper when you’re wanting to shout – and I don’t know why you wanna go on sleeping when there’s nothing left to dream about, if there’s something I want, then there’s something I need,…….. and you think that I’ll be bad for just a little while, but I know that I’ll be bad for good…Oooh, I’m gonna make you bad for good’

Okay, so I’m quoting Meat Loaf (I think, but could also be one of his contempories)

There’s lots of lyrics in those songs I like and sometimes they are fairly consistent with my own thoughts.

Anyone that knows me now will understand why I’m not gonna go into more detail – often I can witter on about stuff, go off on one and not necessarily make sense, but I know why I do it, even if no-one else does.

I have bought a new toaster, now – it has slots for 4 slices , Yay!

I also have to send off to get another copy of my driving license, want to be on the road again soon… It makes good practical sense, in that I can go and see Steph and have similar weekends to the one I just got back from, far more often.

Amazing weekend, which I would have thought inconcievable just a couple of months ago, but life sometimes likes to give us a surprise or two, and we don’t always need to be conventional or sensible to enjoy the rewards that such risks bring. Thank you Steph, I love you loads.

Some people have given me advice recently that contradicts their own previous advice, which I kind of like the contradictions – I have always been a big fan of contradiction in any form… I hope that that person is both right and wrong is all I am going to say!

Some other people have also tried to direct a lot of negative energy towards me, I have to say it is coming back on them and although I hold no ill will towards anyone (bad feelings toward others corrode the soul) I hope that they are learning some valuable lessons about treating others the way they want to be treated.

I’ve got loads to say, and can’t really summarise in one post at the moment, but I do intend on increasing my posts for a week or so… I kind of get a distinctive Adrian Mole style enjoyment from writing this blog, I could always relate to the character.


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