out of world music

Blatant Illustration of Just How Diverse my Goddam Music Tastes Can be ! ;-)

Mar. 3, 2015 by

In a terrible incident, which I am somewhat remorseless of, I have encountered the following Youtube music video, as a result of trawling the Facebook profile of an acquaintance – I say Acquaintance, because although she joined a group I

marvel drawers

Whoops! I upset the internet…

Feb. 28, 2015 by

So I am sat in the living room watching the TV and playing my online game and once every couple of minutes i am flashed a picture by my Fiancee on her phone – the photos are from a group


Losing ‘The Game’ @ Christmas

Jan. 2, 2015 by

For a number of years me and my family have been aware of ‘The Game’ and last year (Christmas 2013) to make sure they all lost, at the same time, or were caught out, I posted this picture on my

new man

2015 – First post: New Year Newman.

Dec. 31, 2014 by

I made up my mind several weeks ago, that my New Years resolution, should be to write more. I am yet to have created a single post on my Linkedin profile and have been meaning to write an article for

bdm baby

Okay, so maybe it CAN get weirder…

Dec. 17, 2014 by

I posted Daft Punk’s technologic in one of my much earlier posts and thought the video to that was pretty freaky. Not too long after that discovered the music video for Bloc Party’s ‘One more chance’ and shared it another

thomas scene

Free Thomas the Tank Object 3d model (from Blender)

Dec. 1, 2014 by

This video was created to share a 3D model of Thomas the Tank I had created – I have started an animation with it, but not got round to finishing it for the last two years, so just shared the

the dooleys wanted

Wanted: The Dooleys

Oct. 22, 2014 by

So have you ever had an ear worm, the kind that slips into your mind on a long walk or a particularly boring day? That’s what happened to me – but it wasn’t one that slipped my mind after a

Hummingbird Moth Hawk

Hummingbird Moth Hawk

Jul. 2, 2014 by

Whilst outside at lunchtime today I saw a Hummingbird Moth Hawk – never seen anything like it before, Googled it – It transpires that you will only ever see them in the UK on the hottest of days and still

Why does my car keep on crashing?

Why does my car keep on crashing?

Feb. 6, 2014 by

With the car going back and fourth to York, Ward & Rowlett, in Wellingborough, and I really want to type damning condemning remarks that are only somewhat unfair.. But the internet can be indelible and I don’t really think that



Jan. 1, 2014 by

So here I am in the very early hours of 2014, failing to make any good entry attempt to my blog – When a thread that weaves itself amongst my VC friends on Facebook, leads to e recounting this from

Chris Smith

Jan. 17, 2013 by

My name is Chris Smith, this is my website – It isn’t a social networking profile, nor is it any representation of me professionally -That’s what Facebook and Linkedin are for. It’s essentially an online manifestation of me spewing my

Selling a Marinemax Yacht

Selling a Marinemax Yacht

Mar. 6, 2012 by

Nice short post – but sometimes you spot something like this, that somewhere between marketing and development of an advert, something goes amiss. Do I want to know how much to sell a marinemax yacht for… No! Did I see

WN Love your local paper.

WN Love your local paper.

Feb. 18, 2012 by

Sometimes writing some interesting content, which is well informed and current for your blog can be taxing to come up with something worthwhile. Then there are the times when the net is cast out to you and it would be

Are you a Zookeeper and nothing else?

Are you a Zookeeper and nothing else?

Feb. 14, 2012 by

So it’s Amy’s birthday and the suggestion of going to the local zoo comes about. Being in a long distance relationship means we try to make our visits to each other varied apart from the four walls of some hotel

Response to WN

Response to WN

Feb. 10, 2012 by

RESPONSE to WN, TOWIT article. Published 10th Feb 2012, by Neil Watts. Posted on February 10, 2012 I have been eager to get my hands on today’s WN and have sat there, strumming my computer desk, in eager anticipation. I



Feb. 9, 2012 by

Posted on February 9, 2012 by admin Worcester News are going to be giving this strange Worcester community page it’s very own article in page 3 tomorrow, based on it’s popularity. When I ‘liked’ this page on Monday morning, with

old keys

Common Sense is Key

Feb. 8, 2012 by

So it’s the seasonal break and I have spent a few days away, spending time with Amy in her home town of Wellingborough. Of course it was a nice weekend away staying in a Devere hotel, no less. We’d managed

worcester cathedral night

Chris Smith Profile

Jan. 24, 2012 by

Christopher Smith This is the homepage of thirty-nothing Chris Smith – Originally from Worcester in the Midlands. This is a personal blog which I have been writing for about the last 6 years, when the domain was first registered. The



Sep. 15, 2011 by

So it took me about a year, but I have revisited my website www.chrissmith.org.uk You may have noticed that I have integrated the wordpress to work alongside the Joomla content. So you will flit in between The main Chris Smith