monopoly rage worcester

Monopoly Rage

May. 22, 2017 by

Monopoly apparently is a game which is designed to induce nothing but pure irrational anger and rage to anyone who has ever played it. That and an unbelievable level of smugness in anyone who is the winner, whether that is

change colour matchbox 80s toy car

This Hotwheels Race Is Everything My Childhood Needed

May. 16, 2017 by

This Hotwheels race is everything my childhood needed and pretty much everything my adulthood needs too. Look at the dedication that has gone into this video which makes use of: Active Camera angles Stop Motion Remote controls IRL Obstacles Cut

ford escort boot open

Electrics Keep Failing on my Car in the Rain – Fuses Blowing

May. 7, 2017 by

If it’s raining and the electrics have gone in your car, you found it was a fuse, you replaced the fuse – they’ve blown again. The issue is actually quite a simple one and i can get you home, warm

chris birthday piss up

Chris’ Birthday Piss up

Mar. 23, 2017 by

This is an album that was put up by one of my Facebook Friends – For my 27th Birthday, just as people were starting to use Facebook, one of my friends decided to arrange a pub crawl and invited all


Cristaldi Research Group

Mar. 17, 2017 by

Having alluded to watching two kinds of videos on Youtube, I thought I might write a post about the other kind I find fascinating. Conspiracy Theories. Further down in the post I have featured a video you will probably already

wordpress category menu

How do I add a Custom Menu to a Category Page in WordPress?

Mar. 14, 2017 by

Adding a custom menu to a category page so you can write about you main categories and introduce specific sub categories seems like a logical way to do things. All I wanted was to put a list of types of

cassette tapes stack

You’ll hear it anyway:

Mar. 14, 2017 by

This post features 2 of my favourite covers – both are of songs that were released when I was in my teenage years and both are guilty pleasures, but awesomely covered: The first, I ‘liked’ the song because my mate

standard bangers

Standard Bangers:

Mar. 11, 2017 by

Bandwagon or not, here’s some absolute standard bangers any time they are played I’ll just drop them and leave them, I think.

The Lost Boys - Cry Little Sister

Cry Little Sister – The Lost Boys

Mar. 11, 2017 by

The Lost Boys – Cry Little Sister – Remix and Original What is not to love here – The Soundtrack of an epic film from the 80’s, a film my mother certainly did not appreciate me watching when I must

ak45 5 pound note

Selling a “Rare new £5 note”

Oct. 29, 2016 by

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? people buying and selling £5 notes for silly amounts of money. This video sums it up pretty well: So anyway, after a drunken ride home in a cab, got a new £5 note with “AK45” in

jcb 3d model

JCB 3D Model

Oct. 23, 2016 by

I am not a professional 3D modeller, it is something I have learned a fair bit from online tutuorials. If time and money were no object and I didn’t need to work for a living I am sure I would

add this options wordpress

How do I remove ‘Add This’ from WordPress without ftp access?

Oct. 22, 2016 by

I have been trying to remove AddThis from my wordpress for a couple of nights now. I couldn’t find where it was in any of my template setup. There are loads of questions on this when I searched, loads with

where have i put my keys?

Where have I put my keys?

Oct. 22, 2016 by

I have been having an FML moment, since last night. I put my key somewhere, I don’t know where. I definitely had them when I came in, else I could not have unlocked the door. I have now found my

alpha centauri

How long would it take to reach Alpha Centauri?

Aug. 24, 2016 by

How long would it take to reach Alpha Centauri? Quick Answer: Tens of Thousands of years at least! I read an interesting article a friend shared that said ‘nearest inhabitable planet found, 4.5 light years away’ and had to search

thomasfan thomas model


Jul. 15, 2016 by

So I have a Thomas Video on Youtube, an older model I did in Blender (Waaayyy too many vertices, My modelling’s got better since!) Anyway, I shared the model some years ago on youtube as part of an opensource day

car park illusion answer

All is not what it seems. Car Park Illusion Answer

May. 27, 2016 by

All is not what it seems Have you seen this car park optical illusion on Facebook? The only significant clue is in the writing with the text on the picture, “All is not what it seems”. Apart from this the

its not what it seems like

It’s not what it seems, like and share if you solve it. Bangalore Street – SOLVED

May. 27, 2016 by

Ha ha ha, it makes me laugh, I jumped on the bandwagon last night with that whole car park illusion thing. It seems I am not the only one, either – It looks like other people are trying to achieve

Ode to the Bouncer

May. 27, 2016 by

I had a Skype call from someone at Itcher, as part of my work. Essentially it is an alternative to Tastekid. in my humble opinion, a better one. It perhaps needs to be require a little less set up or

chris awake

10 Facts About Chris Smith That’ll Keep You Up at Night

Apr. 1, 2016 by

I tripped onto a page which referred me to a list of really useful links, one of which is the titlemaker tool from – It’s a content idea generator and I thought I might find it useful to help