Attracted by Light

You can write a post and be convinced that it is going to generate a good response because it contains lots of popular and recent references to well known media – I.e, posts about festivals, music, films, that sort of thing – and I observe the hits I get from them.

I also think it’s cool that I have am starting to get hits more globally including Italy, India and the United States of America – Excellent!!

At first it seemed a little strange that I got so many hits when I posted about the thing that was wrong with my tumbledryer (by the way – Jim has emailed me where I can get parts from, locally) but then after a couple of discussions about this, it’s easy to see that people are interested in things that are specifically more individual.

So I switched on my bedroom light and sat here, this evening, thinking “I wonder what I shall post abouot tonight..?” and the answer came to me, in the form of a shadow rapidly swooping against the wall.

It was quite a large and distinctive looking moth – and I wondered, ” Can I get a picture of him?” – Whilst moving about my desk trying to follow him, he once landed on the back of my Webcam, and then again a few seconds later on the back of my hand, unfortunately did not stay long enough for his picture to be taken, and here’s the result, when I finally caught his picture!


I have looked it up and found that it is the ‘Brimstone Moth’ – For those of you whose skins are currently crawling – the name for the fear of moths is ‘Mottephobia’

You might see how being attracted to light is related to this next bit – as is taking pictures of stuff within reach of my webcam – I can see how certain things are (attracted to light) and why I bought this…


…which would have looked more like this at the time I bought it…


..But WHY, OH WHY on God’s green Earth did I decide to buy these at the same time…???


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