Are you a Zookeeper and nothing else?

So it’s Amy’s birthday and the suggestion of going to the local zoo comes about. Being in a long distance relationship means we try to make our visits to each other varied apart from the four walls of some hotel or travel inn room.

With snow lying on the ground, it seemed only sensible to call ahead and see if the zoo park was fully open, or if we were unlikely to see very much.

Having Googled the number on my phone and passing it to Amy, said “But you have to ask ‘Are you a zoo-keeper?’”.

The point being, if they said yes, then you could ask them whether the animals are out or not, if they said no, you had to ask if they knew about this, or could they find out, implying only a zoo-keeper would be well-informed enough to cast any authority.

Okay, so it’s purile and is a combination of our higher expectations in customer service standards, and our uniquely dire sense of humour.

It’s like the time we went to Milton Keynes skating rink, and on returning her skates and having her shoes returned Amy exclaims… “those aren’t mine!” Cue one very bewildered 17 year old, looking exasperated and lost.

With a wry smile, we let him know they were, to which he bemusedly said “Not funny! You’re the second to do that to me tonight, and I am bursting for the loo, I’ve got all these to go!” he gestures to the queue behind us.

Maybe it wasn’t that funny originally, but you just made it all worth it, mate! We were convinced he was about to either cry, wet himself or both. And now so were we! His reaction had been far too funny for words.

Such entertainment though, is not always on an Ad Hoc basis, sometimes there is structure and history behind these japes.

Years ago, a friend of Amy’s, who went to plumbers college with several lads, used to regularly visit the KFC drive through, invariably with lots to order between about six of them.

Obviously the logistics of placing such a large order was prone to confusion and so it was somewhat of an irritation, having ordered so much when you were asked, ‘Would you like anything else with that?’

And so a game was born, the idea simply being to specify your order, all side orders drinks, sauces and anything you wanted and then close the order with …’and nothing else.’

You won if they NEVER asked, ‘would you like anything else with that?’ That’s right, despite contingencies being made specifically for nothing to be added to the order, even if you just said ‘..and nothing else, they would still make a deliberate effort to enquire ‘Would you like anything else with that?’

It’s an impossible game to win, try it yourselves!

Apparently it is possible to obtain a free MacDonalds at the drive through, simply by driving in and saying at the first window, sorry I drove in by accident’ and then picking up the order of the car behind you at Window 3. It makes me glad  ALWAYS seem to get grill order parking and I never thought I’d say that.

I usually make an effort to compile a unique idea when my posts are about more than one subject… Maybe the idea of a drive-in zoo would be a cool concept…?

What do you mean they’ve already done it?

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