April 22nd

Okay, so there’s a few things I could post about and I can never really make my mind up where to go – Man U V. Everton, Well, the less said about that the better, and then watching the great game between Liverpool and Arsenal, last night, showed me there was something not quite right – One bad game doesn’t make us losers though – Glory supporters/ Scum, or not!

On the other hand – the odds of Arsenal winning the cup are up at 250 – 1, Now I’m not a compulsive gambler or anything, but I reckon a punt like that has got to be worth a fiver of anyone’s money!

Don’t really wanna do too much about Britain’s got Talent, but… As good as Shaheen was, I don’t think one decent act makes a good show, and on reflection of the previous episode, we could have seen a lot more talent in the hour-long program.

I spent the day working from home yesterday, which you might have thought would have justified creating an entry on my site then, but I spent so much time Faffing with the computer during the day, I was seriously waining from all the time spent typing and editing and stuff.

I saw my first girlfriend from High School today, during my lunch hour. We were ’seeing each other’ for the first two years there, and we only ever got as close as holding hands – How sweet? What wasn’t so sweet was the immature and vindictive way I treated her afterwards, all through school. She has her revenge though – Dawn, You looked stylish, great and fabulous, I was a complete little shit then.., But you certainly have had the last laugh-!

I doubt she’ll read this- but if you do, I hope you realise how regrettable that silly schoolboy behaviour was, the same apology goes to your sister too!

Oh oh..! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!! He’s 29 Today – so the big THREE-OH – Next year then!?

Okay – so a blast from the past or two then, Steven?

The intro to starfleet, which I know you really liked – and then a cartoon/ Program we BOTH actually liked and never disagreed on watching…

Many Happy Returns.

(Added about a week after Steven’s Birthday)

The night before my brothers birthday, I am told, he was mugged carrying a case of 12 Lagers near where he lives – Okay so everyone’s skint and it’s cheaper than buying beer – But, why on earth did they decide to beat him black and blue with the lager crate..??

I don’t pretend to really understand or like my brother, but why on earth would anybody do this – He’s the least likely person I know to actually put up a fight in this situation!! There’s no F**king need for it! He’d have probably given them up in the first place.

See that’s what separates those sorts of people – To be a thief and a bit desperate, is one thing – but to smash someone’s face in with a crate of lager which is probably worth about a tenner in the first place, just makes you scum!

In case you weren’t sure though, to work out how much that case of lager was worth – it’s the equivalent of about 2 hours unskilled labour or 10 goes on each of your respective Moms!

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