Another comical image of me..!

On a Monday night going to Jim & Co’s and should be quiet a normal, civil affair.

As normal we discussed Mom, the Family, Christmas, Glastonbury, those sorts of things and played our normal game or two of Scrabble.

In amongst, I had a drink, can’t remember what it was called, will remember in the morning and will keep you updated – Then we had a Brother’s Strawberry and Pear cider (Bit of a Glasto Special) Very Nice and finished off with a Boddies (I like Boddies while they’re a bit warm, apparently) I digress…

Anyway Jim pulled out some old Cigars, I decided I couldn’t be bothered to pick up my car, and just walked there…. He said that’ll keep you warm on the way home…[ about the cigar]

Well he had a little smoke of it with me before I went home – I asked if I could borrow his bike – we looked for it, could only find Josh’s…

So now, here we have this image of me cycling home on an eleven year old’s mountain bike smoking a stogie… and Jim comes up with a corker, Imagine if the Police pulled you over…‘Do your parents know you are out this late?’
Yes I think it is official, I would have been arrested for saying something along the lines of ‘I’m only 28, you Twat!’

Even funnier, when I explained why I couldn’t come in to work the following morning to my bosses, due to the hyperthetical detention.

I passed two police cars on the way home and I was almost transfixed on the idea of relighting the stogie for effect… Just to tempt fate.

I am very sorry as I have abandoned my blog of late in favour of work – I am sure it will lead me down the path of success, and ultimately I will have more time and a far more interesting life to report on once I am loaded, I am sure.

Here’s my video, dunno why I chose this, I just did, very recent and I don’t normally do that! [Have no idea what video this was – Here is a cover of ‘Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons’ which was in the charts round about the time of this blog post]

JEDWARD TO WIN – Then they might have to come up with an original format for a new show, we all feel compelled to watch!!!

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