Amazing Night

So on Wednesday I was told that Jim and Co were going up North to Gay, John and Family’s, where my Nan and Grandad were going to be … celebrating their Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary..

People can be forgiven for thinking a photo like the next one would never be seen – and I think it is great that I can post it on my site….


I have to say I have easily had one of the best ever weekends I’ve ever known.

I know it’s only a few short weeks until Glasto now, and I know We’re gonna have a fantastic time there too….

I also tried two completely new things I have never eaten before this weekend – Venison Sausages – Very filling and beautiful texture to the meat – That’s right – I ate Bambi! – and then in the same day….. Snails! – They cook really nicely, great texture, nice taste and great to be able to say I’ve tried them – other than that I don’t really think I would go out of my way to eat them regularly, or class them as a favourite food of mine…, but they’re okay!

Apart from telling stories and cracking jokes…. most of them innapropriate outside of our family’s unique sense of humour… “for the fifth f***ing time, shepherds pie!” we have all be following Britain’s got talent, unfortunately as travelling and catching up didn’t get time to watch it all – but here’s a video of Shaun Smith – With or Without you, from tonight’s episode… Just for you, steph!

Oh Yes – and as you reminded me – I cannot believe you allowed your Monkeys to get so dusty – That’s Shameful!!

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