All is not what it seems. Car Park Illusion Answer

car park illusion answer

All is not what it seems

Have you seen this car park optical illusion on Facebook? The only significant clue is in the writing with the text on the picture, “All is not what it seems”. Apart from this the only other written clue is WUU Media, in the bottom right hand corner. I have worked out exactly what it is…

Is the blue Volswagen floating?

You may be thinking that The Blue Volkswagen on this image is floating due to a wet patch next to the tyre and that is the optical illusion, and you may have seen similar illusions with people floating like the one below. You’re wrong it’s not that, it’s not a floating car illusion.

Other than that there is a comment that has indicated if you turn it upside down one row looks like boats, No it doesn’t! There was a picture somewhere where someone did turn the picture upside down so it looked a bit like it might possibly could be boats in a marina and not cars in a car park – I can’t find that illustration. It was a stretch to think it could be right.

So what you do is you reverse search the image in Google to find the answer and there is less than half a page of images, one showing that this image was an excerpt from an article in a website potteye.

The image is apparently used by someone called Greg Brookman, who nobody seems to actually know (certainly on linkedin or facebook)

::Article Edited 09 May 2017:: Actually Greg Brookman checked out, under a different name and he reached out to me to keep me updated – so I can authenticate him as a real person, and if you look in the comments section he commented on this post, as did someone who knows him, likes him and speaks well of him.

In the meanwhile, we’re all sat there going “All is not what it seems?” ..maybe wondering if it’s like a cryptic clue from the Sun’s crossword page …like Sheldon in this scene of TBBT:

So what is it you are meant to be seeing, exactly? I think it is evidence of someone who intends to set up a new company under the name ‘wuumedia’ – Not sure if it is an opportunist or not, but I can see someone has registered the domain wuu media dot com on the 25 May 2016. (two days ago)

::The two events are completely unrelated – WUU Marketing from my home town of Worcester had nothing to do with it. I have attempted to try and speak to them, not related to this, but either way they have always been ‘Unavailable for comment’ – so the following statement I now know to be wrong::

“So this was registered very, very recently – At best guess this is essentially a form of spammy social media marketing, or link bait, so you link to the potteye website.”

All is not what it seems wuu media2


Please see the video he has included on Facebook acknowledging it was just a wind up:

WUU Media was a made up company and stands for ‘Wind You Up Media, according to Greg’, whereas WUU marketing does exist, apparently they are a social media company, who completely missed a trick here.

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6 Responses

  1. Tan says:

    Boots open when cars parked too close behind, people fitting in between cars. ???

  2. Person says:

    Its the blue learner driver who parked badly

  3. Greg says:

    Hi Chris – Greg Brookman here.
    I like your idea that it was for a company called Wuu Media. In fact Wuu is short for “Wind U Up!” I posted the picture for a laugh to trick some of my Facebook mates, and it ended up getting shared on Facebook far more than expected. I’ve made a video about it which you can see on my Geebee Mishcheif page, here:

    Thanks for sharing. All the best. Greg

    • Chris Smith says:

      There is, believe it or not, a WUU Marketing, which is based in my home town of Worcester (Wuu being a colloquial abbreviation of Worcester) I am so surprised that he didn’t think to create a page about this query, Especially as it is a company who claims to be a specialist in Social Media Marketing.

  4. Paul Luffman. says:

    I know Greg Brookman. He’s a legend.

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