2015 – First post: New Year Newman.

I made up my mind several weeks ago, that my New Years resolution, should be to write more.

I am yet to have created a single post on my Linkedin profile and have been meaning to write an article for ages, there.

…and of course my blog has been overly dormant for the better part of the last 3 years – It’s about 20:30 on 31st of December, but I also decided not to actually publish this til midnight (or there about) , it just seems fitting.

So I am sat here with Amy watching one of the final episodes of season 8 of House MD, we have been watching on Netflix for the last 4 or so weeks and I have just spotted 2 fireworks out of my front window, a third as I actually type.

Newmie is in bed and we will see the new year in quietly at home, together.

Last year we were watching Hootenanny with Jools Holland, Amy being 6 months pregnant and saw John Newman and Rudamental playing on the show, it wasn’t so long after this we decided on Newman’s name, if he was a boy.

It just so happens it’s quite the trend at the moment, to name a baby with essentially a surname, in fact when we registered his birth in March of this year, another little boy was being named Nixon.

2014 has been a year where I can count my blessings, not least my son being bought into the world and of course where I have found real happiness with Amy, now we are a family.

For the first time in a fair few years, I am leaving 2014 hoping for much more of the same for the future, so I am really excited by the potential of 2015 and all the years that follow.

So Happy New Year to all those near and dear ones, and the rest of ’em, so to speak, and to you if you are reading this.

Here is a video of the John Newman/ Rudamental performance of last year:

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  1. Chris says:

    Some of this post has been rendered inaccurate by a change in family dynamics, but it doesn’t change my perception at the time this was first published – so I refuse to rewrite it.

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