2 posts in 1 night..

Having been to 2 previous Glastos, I wanted to know if anybody had any tips and tricks for getting up to the front for one of the headliners – find out how much time I would need to get there beforehand, Etc.,

I got as close to the front as I could when The Killers were on, but that was by nudging my way through the crowds about an hour before, so I only had limited success then..!

Any ideas, peeps?

AND I thought I would give a shout out to the girl whose hand I grasped, as I was trying to get to the front while Leonard Cohen was on before The Verve last year – I never made a point of it til now – but there was definitely a spark there, and I have an inkling you felt it too (I heard you telling your friends about it and saw you point back over) Just a note to tell you I thought you were gorgeous and just wish there was a chance of me being able to let you know – against the odds of us being bought together amongst such a colossal crowd again this year.

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