10 Facts About Chris Smith That’ll Keep You Up at Night

I tripped onto a page which referred me to a list of really useful links, one of which is the titlemaker tool from portent.com – It’s a content idea generator and I thought I might find it useful to help me put something together for this domain.

You can put in a word, or set of words and it’ll create a title, really as  a suggestion for posts you could create.

When I put my name into it, it came up with a few ideas – maybe I will write some blog posts about this, maybe I won’t, but I thought I would create a list of some of my favourite/ funniest:

10 Facts About Chris Smith That’ll Keep You Up at Night – I liked this one so much, I made it the title for the post, I may actually have to write the post.

7 Amazing Chris Smith Pictures – I might be able to find 1 or 2 ‘amazing pictures’, but worth digging about a bit.

The Best Ways to Utilize Chris Smith – There’s a chance people would read this, just to see which way I went with it.

16 Secrets About Chris Smith the Government Is Hiding – This would work because there is a well known MP with the name, so somewhat believable.

17 Facts About Chris Smith Everyone Thinks are True – There are about 17 other people who care about what ‘everyone thinks’ of me, more than I do – I’ll let one of them write that blog post, I think – If you are reading this and think you are one of them, go for it, I will happily publish it.


18 Movies with Unbelievable Scenes About Chris Smith – I’m going to re-jiggle this title – ’18 scenes from an unbelievable movie about…’  and the post will be about the movie ‘Killer Joe’ – Killer Joe is one of my favourite movies by far – and guess what the main character’s name is?

Shocking Ways Chris Smith Will Make You Better in Bed – Ha! What a devastatingly provocative title this one is?!

What Everyone Is Saying About Chris Smith – If I knew enough about this to write a post, I still wouldn’t – I don’t care enough what other people say, I can’t stop them saying it and certainly don’t worry about it.

Why Chris Smith Will Make You Question Everything – Sounds like an egotistical enough article for me to be writing, right?

…and OMG Wow – this is the last one, but what an awesome one (That’s right, I am generating these at the same time as writing this blog post) – I am almost certain the automated tool here has surpassed it’s own expectations.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Chris Smith in Bed – I was going to write something afterwards, but we’re probably best just leaving it there


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