Chris Smith:

covered in paint

What to write here? You see it’s difficult to make my mind up about that. – I don’t even know why I have a blog site – I just do.

..actually in truth I do, I had a period where having employment would be useful to me, costs of living etc.

A good friend of mine registered the site for me to upload my CV onto, that way when I was visiting the various high street recruitment agencies, rather than them asking for a copy to scan or asking me to email it later, I could just tell them the link -then ‘getting my CV’ would not be a barrier to them finding work for me.

This was back in 2008 when high street employment agencies actually had shop fronts and a commercial facade.

You know, when still not everyone had a computer and before smart phones were a thing?

As it was, that same buddy assisted in getting me employment with the company he worked for within a week or two after – so I no longer had a need to store my CV online.

To be fair, when I would go into various recruiters and give them the web address to go to, they weren’t even sure if they were allowed to go online and download a document – most weren’t allowed to copy them from a flash drive – just in case.

As the domain was registered for me anyway, I was introduced to blogging and wordpress and was suggested to write my own blog, so I started writing random shit without purpose or any particular value.

In a lot of ways the posts were truly awful. Even so I could see that I was getting visits to them, people were reading the articles that were plagued with vague and passive-aggressive prose – Well I didn’t want everyone to know every single exact detail of what I was thinking, the things that made me angry or to make it obvious publicly if i was having a dig at someone.

…besides that was what I had my Facebook for. Maybe not, I had Facebook then for arranging to attend a school reunion, using it as a replacement for meeting a certain kind of female online- The kind that was previously on AOL Chat or MSN messenger, or both – Oh and playing crappy online games like farmville.

Those old posts are still here, under ‘Classic Blogs’ – I have mostly deleted those that were so elusive in tone that I cannot now recall what the fuck I was going on about.

A lot of the random shit I was spouting out then, could easily have been a result of far-too-often libation, lack of frequent sobriety and generally being a bit messed up.

..and I wrote about whatever I fancied, whether it was a new piece of software (Audacity, Fantamorph), or it could have been a repair I was doing on an appliance. Coming up #1 in Google for ‘Tumble Dryer Repairs Worcester’ was amusing to me at the time. No idea how I did it. Well not then, I didn’t anyway.

…Oh and there was the toaster fire, that was a good post. It’s bound to be on here somewhere, because I still have the photo in my picture files..

I like writing my posts and am playful in thinking some random strangers like to stumble onto the site and occasionally will read what I write.

If I remember correctly, I always tried to make the posts about my own perspective (crazy ideas) about crossover on two apparently unrelated subjects and then stick in a music video from youtube – It was that simple.

I’ve dropped a video at the bottom of the post, which is the kind of thing I was into at the time. I wonder if it might freak people out who think they know me now, to realise I was such a hipster even then, that I was into mashups before anyone had really coined the phrase ‘mash-up’?

..and it’s a pretty insane one, I can’t speak much for the chart music that was around at the time or the whether I liked the artists. What can I say, my younger days were pretty mental and there was no spotify or anything.

I could not imagine being in a situation where writing something specific about anything would matter to me (It does to quite a lot of website and blog owners)

Okay, so I might now have an appreciation for that, and yet I don’t really care about that – I can however more or less guarantee the stuff I do write is fucking unique, even if it is completely damn pointless!

I always had in mind people who knew me might visit, so I have never talked about my job on it (and I have had half a dozen jobs in the 10 years since I started)

If you enjoy my posts, I’m pleased – Don’t be too disappointed though if you learn nothing profound from it or don’t understand why I posted.

I just did – I wanted to bash out a post, the mood took me. You might be lucky enough to find something funny, or get a nugget of something you are interested in.
…and if you do read a post and think ‘What the fuck was that about?’ or ‘Why did I bother reading that?’ … then, Oh well!

It won’t be the first piece of shit you read on the internet, and nor will it be your last. ?