Chris Smith

January 17, 2013

My name is Chris Smith, this is my website – It isn’t a social networking profile, nor is it any representation of me professionally -That’s what Facebook and Linkedin are for. It’s essentially an online manifestation of me spewing my own ego, for the amusement of any obscurely intrigued stranger. It would be impossible for me to summarise the type of content I intend to post, without making a dashingly bold statement of what is meant to be in it. The domain was registered for me since about 2004 and when I first started publishing to it, I had zero awareness of what could be accrued as a result of an online identity and used to post loads of inane and random crap. In recent years, I have learned a lot about the online world and you need to be careful about what you put online. Of course, I consciously avoided publishing anything in respect of my work – that’s just common sense and I was always careful not to be vulgar or distasteful I then went about destroying all my content and trying to reinvent the site to be something more synonymous with me as an actual person and a true professional, removing and erasing anything that could reflect on me as anything less than the most civil and normally functioning member of society. It’s the biggest mistake I ever could have made with my own personal blogging site – because before that… do you know what? It wasn’t S**t! Surreal, abnormal and a little juvenile, it was the epitome of me and then I tried to make it something else and ruined it! Well, I am hoping to revive the site as it was, because I liked posting to it every other day or so.

Why Scheming and Lying are just part of Right Lettings Company (Rushden)

Well, for a start, ‘scheming’ and ‘lying’ are just part of their name (and part of their game as far as I am concerned) – with a little help of an online anagram solver and the littlest of creativity when it comes to digital graffiti, I have used their own logo to illustrate my point: Scheming is in pink and Lying is in blue. I could have done some sort of fill effect to highlight the letters, but even that seemed like too much effort; The scrappy, cheap-looking airbrush effect, seems to capture what I want anyway. So what exactly did Right Lettings Company do to us, to make me write such a thing? This is how Google defines the word scheming: …and it sums them up perfectly – You see when we rented a two-bedroom semi, just a few doors down from Amy’s parents, not long before our little man was born, I have to admit it was from a high-end 2nd floor apartment, in the highly demanded lifestyle development in Northampton, which perhaps meant we were accepting a property which could have been regarded as a lower standard, to our current living style – One we were willing …Continue reading Chris’ post.

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