How long would it take to reach Alpha Centauri?

How long would it take to reach Alpha Centauri? Quick…

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tf - Copy


So I have a Thomas Video on Youtube, an older…

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All is not what it seems

All is not what it seems. WUU Media. Greg Brookman. Car Park Illusion- SOLVED

  WUU Media Car Illusion Have you seen this car…

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It's not what it seems, like and share if you solve it.

It’s not what it seems, like and share if you solve it. Bangalore Street – SOLVED

Ha ha ha, it makes me laugh, I jumped on…

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Ode to the Bouncer

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10 Facts About Chris Smith That’ll Keep You Up at Night

I tripped onto a page which referred me to a…

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oow music

Blatant Illustration of Just How Diverse my Goddam Music Tastes Can be ! ;-)

In a terrible incident, which I am somewhat remorseless of,…

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Whoops! I upset the internet…

So I am sat in the living room watching the…

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Losing ‘The Game’ @ Christmas

For a number of years me and my family have…

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2015 – First post: New Year Newman.

I made up my mind several weeks ago, that my…

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Okay, so maybe it CAN get weirder…

I posted Daft Punk’s technologic in one of my much…

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Thomas and Friends icon v5

Free Thomas the Tank Object 3d model (from Blender)

This video was created to share a 3D model of…

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Common Sense is Key

So it’s the seasonal break and I have spent a…

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Chris Smith Profile

Christopher Smith This is the homepage of thirty-nothing Chris Smith…

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Killer Neck Chain

so I’m seven years old and sat there watching Bullseye…

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Little Yellow Fish

The little yellow fish seems quite popular to create a…

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